Invasion of Privacy, Identity Theft and The Bullshit…

My name is Antonio Preciado IV, I am starting this blog to make awareness towards Invasion of Privacy, Identity Theft, and Eavesdropping. I would like to personally call the attention of every major media , social media and publication outlet to feel free and contact me, at your own risk lol. No , but seriously my major concern of this topic does not necessarily reside with my own story but with the protection of others and their privacy being invaded and used. Also anyone and i mean anyone that would like to help me in addressing identity privacy infringement. Its not just out I.D. Social Security Number, phone number and address. With email addresses, social media, and other communication applications, you can be taken advantage of just like using our physical I.D. The explicit use of your identity being used in the way data, texts, recorded videos, and conversations can cause even more immensely embarrassment to you. Not, to mention if your highly like or dis-like the money that others are making off you. The legal is being manipulated in ways where you can even accuse someone and they can be caught but have means to show that they can pay you or give you assets, but since you accused there is also laws where blaming them gets you punished when you were the one that had their privacy ultimately invaded. There is also a “wobble” crime that can charge you with as well just because your actions were exposed with out your knowledge, and the “wobble” charge is a long list of criminal charges. So there is protection for the accused which pretty much says about the people doing these data thefts that they get away Scot free. Well, I don’t think so because there are attorneys out there who are studying this as we speak. The reason all these things come into play is one reason its simple corruption because some in out communities that hold authority position use their leverage to protect their mal-pratice or unlawful acts to protect them. While stereotyped like myself are considered to be not creditable because lack of proof and past unlawful mistakes charged with previously. Where “proof” comes hard to come by because the internet is so big and the information can land any where the people in control can come up with proof on social and relationship issues that can also be against you. So here an individual sit where he knows there has been some kind of identity theft and other malice crimes done around him. I’am not apologizing for wanting to take this to legal processes because i will gladly admit my wrongs with guidance of attorney of my choice. Whatever happens I have faith that things will fall in place. Some might say that fighting for civil right is impossible, yet how many times in history we seen positive change. Where I have found standing up for myself, hit bigger issues more than privacy but things that stay out of the view everybody the kind of crimes that needs to be addressed. In-addition with covering not only the information of data information, which can monetary and assets attached, as well as protecting secrets like set ups or protection. Then I have also come to the point where a little story can be in the hands of the biggest corporations in the world and wealthiest people on the planet. Therefor, can lead to politics and where does that lead us to government which leads to laws and in the big picture people. Then back to where the little story came back to not the individual but his loved ones and associates.

I want to tell my story only before i do i need to make sure the family is safe friends are good and my son is safe as possible and I know or hope everyone is ok. My story has to be cleared through a lawyer, psychiatrist, physician , along with a finance team, before i can tell is and write is some crazy shit. I understand and know what im doing. The purpose in this awareness blog is to fight for our data and privacy adjustments, man made the internet no reason why man cant resolve man made issues, even if they unclear. We live in a thriving nation divided at the moment, were suppose to stand together. WITH LOVE

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